The Fog Warning Collection

The Finest European Luxury Dayboats and
Motor Yachts of Elegance and Distinction

Why The Fog Warning?

In a word, QUALITY!

We are pleased and proud to bring to knowledgeable yachtsmen and women some of the finest European Luxury Dayboats and Classic Motor Yachts in the industry. We hope you enjoy The Fog Warning Collection's three stunning lines:

Holland's Long Island Yachts (from 25 to 40 feet)

Sweden's J Craft (their 42' Torpedo)

Istanbul's Vicem Yachts, building fine motor yachts from 46 feet to 46 meters.

Please enjoy your trip with us today, and...


Long Island Yachts

“If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!”

That is what owners of Dutch - built mega yachts say about their fine yachts. Long Island Yachts is proud to bring that level of elegance down to Holland's pocket yachts, from 25 to 40 feet. Available with straight drives, IPS drives, jet drives and outboards, these downeast style yachts were designed and built for the North Sea. Contact us to learn how they can deliver their rugged performance to your seas!

J Craft 42 Torpedo

J Craft combines classic style and glamour with cutting edge technology, power and contemporary convenience: A finely balanced blend of old and new, where form and function are of equal importance. Join us for the beautiful journey and experience your own la dolce vita.

Vicem 45 Open

For twenty years Vicem Yachts has been known for building some of the most elegent motor yachts to be found anywhere. After specializing in yachts from 46 feet to 46 meters, they now make a splash with the introduction of their first luxury dayboat – The Vicem 45 Open. This outboard - powered yacht features multiple cockpits and Vicem’s s toried interiors, making her ideal for entertaining large parties on the water

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Vicem Motor Yachts

If You've Seen A Vicem, You Already Know. And If You Haven't, You Certainly Can!

With a vision refined over twenty exciting years and from almost two-hundred fine yachts launched, Istanbul’s Vicem Yachts has consistently set the yachting industry’s highest water marks for style, performance, and fit and finish.

Now in cold-molded mahogany OR fiberglass construction!

Splashing yachts from 46 feet all the way up to 46 meters, Vicem delivers the widest range of models on the planet. That’s their path to delivering Superyacht perfection down through every model in their line.

Vicem takes great pride in their team – The men and women who with great eyes, skilled hands and passionate hearts deliver both unique value and unmatched customization to our clients.

Clients who have searched far and wide for a smart and passionate team with creative approaches to performance, layout and style. For these clients Vicem puts everything on the table – From berths to beam, helms to heads, and gyros to gyms.

“You draw it on a napkin, and we will build it.”

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